impress the best

it’s your time

This is your opportunity to impress Australia’s leading basketball coaches.

This is your chance to establish yourself as one of Australia’s most promising up and coming basketballers.

The two day event in Melbourne on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st of June 2016 will include a variety of training drills, athletic tests and competitive games, which will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills against some of Australia’s best young talents and in front of some of Australia’s best basketball minds.

Based at the State Basketball Stadium in Melbourne, this unique and first of its kind event in Australia will see you:

  • compete in live games and promote your talents to Australia’s best coaches;
  • be tested by leading sport scientists on your athletic and physical capabilities; and
  • compete against talented players looking to play at the highest level.

how do I sign up?

  1. Read the terms and conditions at the below link and print and sign a copy if you agree to its terms
  2. Return the signed forms to [email protected]
  3. Get ready to play!

featuring coaching staff from


NBL legend Phil Smyth as host

in conjunction with

the details

when & where:

Session one

Monday 20 June 2016

Session two

Tuesday 21 June 2016

State Basketball Centre
291 George Street
Wantirna South VIC 3152


  • Registration and participation fee: $200 AUD
  • Subject to your acceptance by the selection committee (see below)

please note:

  1. Travel and accommodation to Melbourne and/or the stadium is not provided and is at the participant’s own cost.
  2. A maximum of 50 players will be selected based on individual merits and as chosen by our selection committee based on your application.
  3. Upon selection, you will receive a confirmation email regarding payment, which must be paid within three business days.
  4. At the event induction you will receive a Australia National Pro Combine jersey with an allocated number. Please note, all other equipment (including shoes, shorts etc.) is to be brought to the Combine by you.
  5. Players will be either hand-picked or randomly allocated to one of the coaches’ teams by the selection committee.
  6. Registration closes on Saturday 11 June 2016.



Event organiser

Event organiser