Jessica joined WRP Legal & Advisory in 2024, in the Property Team as a Registered Conveyancer.

Jessica is a knowledgeable and highly motivated Registered Conveyancer with extensive expertise in handling the complexities of property transactions. Jessica is a Registered Conveyancer in both South Australia and Victoria, and brings a wealth of experience to our Property Team.

Jessica specialises in all aspects of Conveyancing transactions including Residential, Commercial and Rural Transactions, Family-Farm Transfers, Commercial & Rural Leases and Land Divisions.

With experience spanning across metropolitan and rural farming areas in South Australia and Victoria, Jessica holds a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs and challenges faced by clients across conveyancing transactions in both jurisdictions.

With dedication, professionalism and knowledge, Jessica is committed to delivering exceptional and supportive guidance to clients throughout every stage of the conveyancing transaction.

Academically driven, Jessica has an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws, further enriching her knowledge base.


  • Advance Diploma of Conveyancing
  • Licenced Conveyancer South Australia – Consumer Business Services
  • Licensed Conveyancer Victoria – Business Licencing Authority
  • Member of Australian Institute of Conveyancing SA Division (AICSA)
  • Member of Australian Institute of Conveyancing VIC Division (AIC VIC)
  • Committee Member of AICSA Tomorrow’s Conveyancer Committee
  • Member to the Law Society South Australia
  • Member of the Property Council of Australia
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